Have the signals started? Is it too late to get them with the Binary Course?


Have the signals started? Is it too late to get them with the Binary Course?


The Signals wont start until the New Nadex Scanner is up and running. Still in testing mode, so it may be a little bit

Believe the Binary Course is sill available for new members… So if you are interested in really learning and understanding binaries, then definitely consider getting the course.


Why another new scanner? What is wrong with the current one?

Thanks MATRIXBINARY373. Are you in the course? Has it helped you?


Currently you are unable to use the Trailing Stop feature with the Scanner. While not really a big deal with binaries… Certainly makes trading Spreads a bit more stressful.

Also they are moving it away from being web based and it will be its own separate program thing. Along with some other improvements as well.

As for the course… I have taken the course. While I am not really big on binaries, it has taught me a lot. Some of the ways that you learn to read the charts can also be applied to spreads/forex/futures as well

There are also members that are working on their own strategies within the Skype group and have been pretty successful.


Thanks MATRIXBINARY373. (interesting that you aren’t big on binaries since it is in your username :slight_smile: "

I appreciate the info on the scanner.

One thing that strikes me a s a bit off is… I’m not sure why members would be working on their own strategies if the strategies taught in the course worked… that doesn’t make sense. If the strategies in the course worked why would be people bother trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with their own?


The signals will first be available to binary master members in the order they subscribed. if spots are still available then we may open it up to others depending on liquidity.

The scanner works fine but over the years technology and browsers change hence why we need an update for the trailing stop. Also code is improved and rewritten for speed and stability. In addition there are about 40 new features we want to add but needed to redo the architecture to add them. So we have put all programmers on the new scanner ro complete it. There are also some other big plans for the scanner that we are very excited about that we will be releasing that we are not yet ready to disclose. But in short people will be very very happy as we roll out new features that we can do with a new underlying architecture. We have our alpha testers working on the scanner now making a ton of progress and just fine tuning things.

I am very encouraged that traders are developing and sharing new strategies. The goal of apex is to help you be the guru vs simply follow one. The systems do work. There are times for strangles and times for directional and times to stay flat and we reach all three in the course. However, The Binary Master course is not just a couple systems it is about mastering binaries and understanding how they work and how to utilize all the options available to you. A true trader is always striving to improve and expand and take advantage of a variety of market conditions. Our own systems have improved over and over as we are are never satisfied with simply it works and we encourage other traders to do the same. In fact Apex is defined by this ideal that we are a community and everyone contributes so we all benefit. So its not a concern but a benefit to be able to be in a community of like minded traders who are striving together to constantly learn and improve. I have traded for over a decade and binaries for about 7 years and am very profitable and I am still improving. And so long as I continue to improve I increase my chances of continuing to be profitable just as the traders who are working on strategies are doing.

All great questions and I hope this helped answer them for you.

Darrell Martin