Help! How do know how to correctly setup the "Data Series" window for any market


Hello everyone, First time posting here! I am completely new and I’m trying to sim trade MNQ. I watched Darrels video on how to setup charts but his video shows setting up NQ not MNQ. He states that different markets require different settings in the “Data Series” window (brick size, days to load, etc). I don’t know if the settings on the Data Series window is the same for MNG as it is NQ. I love being able to follow Darrels videos and have him tell me what settings to input, but I want to be able to know how to do it on my own. I just don’t understand when to select certain settings for different instruments. Where do I find out this information? Thank you!!


MNQ settings are the same as NQ settings.


Ok that’s good news! I appreciate the tutorial videos and watch them religiously. Is there a video that helps to dissect the Data Series window to explain what each setting is for and when it should be used and why? For example, if I wanted to stop stop trading MNQ and begin trading MES I would have no clue what settings to choose in the “Data Series” because I don’t know what settings to choose and why. Thank you!


MES would be the same settings as ES. MYM same setttings as YM, etc. It’s mentioned a number of times through out the training videos and subsequent webinars. If you’re not sure what the tick size should be, ask in the Elite Room. You’ll quickly get an answer.