Here is what I have to say about The Bootcamp Sniper System - It makes money!


Wow. 5 for 5 in 30 minutes! Single contract with some trailing and $495. First I built some house money with three trades at 10 ticks each and then I went for some larger moves with trailing. At a minimum you would lock in your 3 trades and could be done for the day! Imagine what $150 a day would do for your life? The whole system is only going to cost $200 a month! Talk about return on investment! No system is perfect, but this may be close.

What Darrell and team have been able to do is distill the best setups from order prints and make them so easy to spot and execute even my 7 year old can do this! The consistency is amazing. I have traded every system Apex has ever offered and this is by far the easiest and most effective! Thank you APEX!


Nice Chris … Apex Rocks


Yes it does!


One of the most interesting aspects is that it is possible to realize profit - WHILE YOU ARE LEARNING!!!


That is awesome


Just started in Mentor group, Apex rocks…Thank you Lori !!