How To Re-size A Nadex Ticket From the Scanner


Good day,

Every time I use the scanner to open a ticket my ticket never opens up completely. Usually the bottom of the ticket where the submit order button is is always hidden so I have to re-size the ticket. This gets frustrating when I am trying to rush to submit a ticket and I have to stop to do this each time. Can you advise on how to set your ticket to the proper size by default?

Thank you

P.S. Here is a pic of what my ticket looks like when I click on a strike price. As you can see the submit order button is hidden.

2015-01-08_0823 - gregorious13’s library


This just started happening to me a day or so ago. Sometimes it opens like the one you showed, other times it opens larger than I would want. (Edit: DON’T ask nadex…sorry about that) -Ty


I am sure Darrell is busy with everything he does. Is there anyone else out there who knows how to fix this?


Yes we aware and a fix is in the works :slight_smile: