How to set up Live FOREX Data for Ninja Trader OPTION 2- FXCM - FREE FOREX DATA



Hi, I installed the FXCM data feed into ninja trader and got connected (along with CQG being connected first) When it comes to opening a chart (I chose USD/JPY) I not only cannot change the time frame like he does or anything else,I also can’t choose the apex template since it’s not installed into the platform, so this video appears out of sequence to me since in the training module I’m in, installing the data feed comes before installing the apex toolkit.

Even when I try to open the chart without the apex template (there are actually none available at this point in Ninja Trader) I get an error message that says " You need to add at least one data series in order to create a chart." Am I missing something here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi workerbee, not sure if you’re still having an issue but I do see what you’re saying in regards to the opening up of the chart portion of the video starting at around 5:07. I’d look at it, but skip that section for now. As long as you’re connected (showing green and ‘Connected - FXCM’) like in the video, you’re good and I would move on to the next videos of setting up the default instruments and installing the apex toolkit.

Once that is done you can always come back to this video and follow along from that point and you should be able to do so.


This is an option 2 it was added later so yes install the toolkit first to get the templates etc… loaded and going.

After you install the toolkit you can use the templates and all that. So just do that in the order of the course.

Regarding changing times etc… not sure what you mean that should work without issues. If still having an issue submit a help desk ticket under questions - help desk - and we will gladly help you.



Question: I would like to set up FXCM just for accurate currency pair data (to trade 5 minute binaries with our new system). I’m not interested in actually trading currency pairs yet outside of Nadex. I will typically just trade the currency futures. I rent my Ninja platform so I have a long-standing license key from them. My data feeds for futures are CQG through NTB with my futures account.

In set-up the video for FXCM, Mark mentions that I have to use the SIM key from FXCM for Ninja or I won’t be able to establish a connection.

If have to clear out my original license key from NinjaTrader, how am I going to be able to get futures volume? It sounds like I will have to switch license keys back and forth (from futures to forex)?

At one time I had IQ Feed but I spending about $80 a month that I really didn’t have to spend because I wasn’t trading currency pairs. I have a TDAmeritrade account but I understand that the tick values are not true values due to the way their platform processes the data.

Am I missing something from the set-up videos?




Meow, You only need to use the key provided by Ninja. But you will need username and passwords from Data feed providers do get access to the data. You do not need to switch them around.


Thanks for your response. . When I go to establish the connection, FXCM does not appear in the provider dropdown box. In the video you mentioned that FXCM will not show up if I am not using the SIM key for Ninja they provided. The selections are Barchart, CQG, ESignal, Google, IQ Feed, Kinetick and Yahoo. I 'm still confused…


Thanks…it looks like I am going to have to back to IQ Feed or get a multi-broker license. You’ve pointed me in the right direction and I am very appreciative of your help. Thanks again.