I need a new CPA any recommendations?


Hello all,

I am looking for a new CPA for our taxes in general but I am very much in need of one who is very well versed in taxes for traders. I have formed another LLC specifically as a trading entity as I don’t want to have to prove myself to the IRS as a trader.

I spoke to a high level individual at Dorman regarding their requirements of the LLC structure so it would be built exactly to order. I didn’t want to create it as xyz and in order to trade as an entity Dorman needed it zyx.

I would like the LLC to be a pass through into a Holding company from which I will draw a meager salary. I was speaking to an old friend who is quite knowledgeable as a CPA but not at all regarding what futures trading is and the difference in how it is taxed.

I don’t know if I need a tax attorney or a CPA to guide me through the process. I am not planning on shorting Uncle Sam but I do want to take full advantage of writing off subscriptions, education, equipment, office space, internet etc.

If anyone has someone they recommend who has helped them through this process I would enjoy speaking to them and or throwing some business their way.

Upon searching the web I saw there was a free 30 minute consultation with trade accounting and thought… this is all the time I need. It turns out the 30 minute freebie was to help you form a LLC which I had done. They offered instead to have me speak to their tax attorney at a rate of $200/hr.

As I have heard Darrell mention in the past, I want to keep it simple and reduce costs until I am making enough to pay these costs from my profit.

If any of you have experienced this I would really be interested in following your path. Any guidance you may provide is appreciated. If you use someone you trust feel free to send me a PM if you want to pass along their information.

Thanks a TON!


(Sorry for the novel)


See the video on trader taxes on the sniper page done by a CPA that focuses on taxes for traders.


Thanks Darrell. I didn’t see that one. Sorry if it was a redundant question.




I wanted to take a moment to thank you for pointing out that video. I can’t explain to you how helpful it was and how that was EXACTLY what I wanted to know about. I had been on the hunt for a CPA who at least sorta knew about these things and to be able to watch that presentation from a guru was amazing. I also wanted to thank you for the countless hours you have spent developing such helpful content. I am planning on transitioning out of my career of 23 years and trading full time in 3 weeks. I am slowly getting the possibility guy out of my life and listening to the probability guy instead. Thanks again and I wish you well.