I was told to use sniper for Nadex but I'm confused


I was looking for indicators for the Boomerang system because I trade Nadex. Support told me to just learn Sniper. I signed up but can’t find anything explaining how to trade this system on Nadex. Darrel mentioned to learn the Enhanced X-Box and later learn Nadex in the first video. I’ve gone through many of the videos already but can’t find anything on Nadex in the sniper videos. I’m sure this is wonderful, but it isn’t what I’m looking for. I don’t like the uncapped risk of trading futures and prefer to know what I’m going to lose. 10 ticks doesn’t get you much on nadex unless maybe you’re trading on the 5 minute or the 20 minute. I just feel a little misled by support. Does sniper work for Nadex or not?


nadex is just so bad with spreads, you enter and start at a loss, and 10 ticks will get you what 5 bucks? dont even bother with nadex .


Why aren’t you trading futures so much simpler. You can trade micros at .50 to 1.25 a tick and get tight bid offers and mirror the market.


If you consistently win on Nadex will they shut your account?


You can use KNockouts to trade smplicity.


Good morning Darrell, I have been trading Nadex and was looking at taking your Nadex Mastery Courses, but here you say futures are simpler. I’m confused on where I should start. I don’t have a lot of startup capital so that is why Nadex was more appealing.

Please clarify for me or give me your recommendation.