ICE Volume Zones v2, what is new?


There are a lot of questions on the new version of the ICE volume Zones. What makes it different than the original?

  1. ICE v2 lines are more accurate, but the red, blue and green lines still look the same as the original ICE indicator looked.

  2. ICE v2 has a new histogram that shows where the volume from the previous session actually was. This is defaulted to off when loaded on a chart, to see the histogram, set to true as shown in the image below.

The longer the line, the more volume there was.

NOTE: The ICE lines are programmed to be a delayed load to keep your Ninja Trader from locking up. So be patient and give them a few moments to appear after your chart is loaded.

Hope this helps. I will add more as questions arise.


Which provides a better picture of expected volume zones – just the previous day’s volume zones, or the aggregate volume zones averaged out over a period of time, whether short term or long term?


I just go with whatever the chart tells me…


Thanks for answering, but I think my question wasn’t clear. I am asking a question about volume zones. The ICE indicator presents the previous day’s volume. I am wondering if anyone has experience comparing the accuracy of the previous day’s volume zones to volume zones that are calculated based on an average of the aggregate of the zones over a period of time, say, a week, or a month, or whatever.


Your question was clear. Maybe someone else will have a better answer for you.