Identifying Enhanced Trapped X-Box Trades


In regards to the 2nd bar from the right, in the screenshot, please confirm whether I have correctly identified the five true/false conditions below. Thank you for your help.

  • Trapped Order with Exhaustion Box True

  • Has a Paw or Mini Magnet on it False

  • Is a reversal bar True

  • Is within 2 ticks of an OP level False, I believe that this is false because this is a settlement level. It is my understanding that OP levels are PAW prints, I-Blocks, MM, or ZOI and all other levels do not count

  • As a result, this is not a qualified enhanced trapped X-box trade because it does not have a paw or MM on it AND it is not within 2 ticks of an OP level True

I hope that I understand the material correctly and clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.


Please also clarify if the bar, identified in this screenshot by two yellow arrows, would be a probability or a possibility trade. Thank you.