I'm in good profit


But now I’m scared to pull the trigger. Don’t want to give back all my profits. (I’m up over $500) I’m not confident on the system for one thing. Is there a simple answer to this question? On the Entry rules, you say we need all three in place. So that means in the perfect world…I don’t get in a trade until AFTER a valid X? Trying also to accept the fact I’ll have losing trades. (I’ve been up about 7 days in a row). I’m trying hard to take ownership of my signature quote. :slight_smile:


First of all congrats on 7 days in a row of profits!

It is normal to get a bit nervous when you are up.

A few solutions:

  1. Ensure you don’t give it all back withdrawal half of the money immediately. This will relieve some of the pressure as once you got it you can’t trade it. Don’t forget, as obvious as it sounds, that the goal of trading is to make money and withdrawal money to spend/save/pay off debts etc… Start that practice now.

  2. Ensure you have proper risk management in place. Don’t over risk your account. Also if your doing this then you should have no problem hiding your live P/L and just focus on the market and trade based on what the charts/system tells you. Not on being up/down (you will take profits to soon, hold on to losses to long, or hop out of a loss to soon (before system says) only to see if you would have followed the rules it would have worked out.

  3. Have the right mindset. Losses are just a cost of business. No ice cream truck expects to sell ice cream without buying it. You have losses (expenses). Just ensure the expenses don’t exceed the income like any business.

2nd topic - please post topics in separate post to make it easy for users to find them - entry filters goes under System, Apex Elite - Entry Filters - in the forum. Not a big deal just trying to put everything where its easy to find by topic.

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