Indicator Error when loading futures


Hey guys I’m new here just signed up yesterday. (Elite) I’ve gone through some of the courses so far and am very impressed with all the indicators and really happy to be apart of this community. I have set everything up as far as my charts go but anytime I load a future like Smallcap 2000 with an indicator such as apex diagnostic deviation level, I get the error sequence contains no matching element. This is with just about any indicator. On the currencies I do not get this error everything loads up perfectly.


Got some help in one of the elite rooms. My futures had the wrong contract month therefore they couldn’t pull the data for any of the indicators. Here are the correct contract months currently found on nadex that you can use in case anyone ever runs into this problem.


Here is the direct link:

Also notice the nadex contract has the name of the future in it. (Mar for march) etc…Also the scanner has the NT7 symbol listed for every market on both the binary and spread scanner.


Thanks Darrell!