Intern/Mentor Program


I am within 10 days of going to a live account with Apex, how do I get involved in one on one mentoring with an emphasis on FX? thks

Elite Intern Program

One on one mentoring is very expensive so you want to have a sizeable account and probably a lot of trading experience before doing this. You can inquire in the help desk if you are interested in this.

However, the best route is the Apex Elite Intern program. It is free for Elite members. Once you are an active Elite member you can request from Stephen to be in the Intern program.

We have four levels in the Elite trade room. The Elite room really is built around a traders helping traders mindset versus simply the follow the guru. It is built to help you own your trading by developing you in the fastest time possible in real time and you helping others do the same. Being developed by those doing trading and posting your trades in real time and helping other develop is the fastest way to ensure you master your trading success.

The four levels are:

  1. Trial (obviously those on trial subscription)

  2. Student (Those on a paid subscription) - You can you request to be an intern as soon as you are active. We currently have opening for FX and some commodities.

  3. Intern (Those looking to be Elite Traders and master the system as fast as possible will post trades (don’t worry they are marked as intern so people know you are learning) and share screens and be monitored by Elite members with access via skype cell etc… to at least one Elite member and Darrell)

  4. Elite (Elite traders posting trades,sharing screen, and helping other traders, plus learning the style of trading and reading the markets.)


wI have already signed up for Elite Access membership. I would like to apply to be a STUDENT INTERN. Thank you

mike Siegel


excellent - request stephen in the elite room during the day he will get you all going - i enabled the first part already so he can get you started and walk through the program with you