Intraday day deviation levels?


Are intraday deviation levels available also or are they only available for daily charts?


Not sure what you mean? Deviation levels are used for “Intraday trading” and can be used with any time frame within a “Day”. The price levels and the distance of the the market movement in relation to these price levels is what is important.

Deviation levels show you the “expected daily move” for the market they are plotted on. Each level has a statistical significance based on an 'Implied" Standard deviation of 3.


Ronin, is correct. But if you are asking for shorter timeframe levels, as opposed to daily levels, you would want to take a look at the Expected Range Indicator to give you the expected move for smaller timeframes, such as 20 min, one hour, three hour etc, whatever you select. These are not deviation levels but can let you know the historical expected move of that timeframe


deviation level is a one of key levels which show how much the market has moved so far on that day?.. and each plotted dev levels (.5, .7 1 dev etc) has some significance where either market may face some resistance/support, or sometimes if it breaks-thru with high volume, you can expect it to go to next level.

but where does it say or show that it is an ‘expected daily move’ for the day?.. am i missing something?..


Deviations and Expected move are two separate things completely and two separate indicators as mentioned above. Was just saying if you want smaller times frames intraday you can check out the Expected Move Indicator do guage shorter term market movement and to help with potential expectations


They are only available for intraday charts they would all be squished on a daily chart.