Is this a scam


Binary options are just a good way to lose all your money, and I can’t even get anyone to help me on here. I followed all the steps, videos and read a lot of forums. It’s gambling and there is no way I am paying this site $200/month to use some tools. I’m starting to think this site is a scam and I got lured in.

[Editor Note read the entire thread he did not follow the courses at all. Also we teach a lot more than binaries,]



I’m sorry you feel that way.

In many of the videos that Darrell and John have put together they state that Binary options are easier to understand but much harder to trade and that is one of the reasons they recommend that new people start out with spreads. Darrell himself didn’t trade binary options for 9 months I believe and only trading spreads when he first started with Nadex.

Also, it is unrealistic to expect to make money overnight without practicing and following a system. I’m not sure what you have posted with regard to request for help but I can assure you that this site is not a scam. I have been a member here since December of 2014 and it takes a lot of practice to become profitable. Just curious, what are your expectations?

If you need help, post a chart in the forum here with enough information for someone to help you and you will get help, I’m sure of it. Good luck with whatever your decision is though.



Jasen, I can assure you Apex Investing is not a scam. Many, many, many traders make real money everyday using the systems taught here and the tools you get when joining Apex. The focus of this site is education. There are literally hundreds of hours of videos and training that you can learn from that are Free. A scam site would not give you hundreds of hours of education for free.

You said you lost your first $200, but I see your 1st post asking for some guidance was only 3 days ago. One of the general rules you will hear repeated over and over in the videos is trade only Demo until you are making money everyday in Demo. In one of his older videos Darrell advised making money in Demo for 20 straight days before going live. Good advice.

My advice is while you are saving money to re-fund your account, go back and take the courses like the Spreads 101 and Getting Started with Ninja several times. Do it until you really understand them. Then start trading Spreads in Nadex with a DEMO account. Next post screen captures of your Demo trades and ask for someone to review them. You WILL get help. Good luck with whatever you decide.



@JASENKETTLE - I have been with Apex since 2012, I can assure you APEX is not a scam. I have been to several other groups and APEX is my forever home. The community here, the knowledge and help is far and away above everything else out there. I use APEX tools because they work. In my several years of trading I have seen a handful of teachers, maybe two that actually show their live trades and their withdrawals proving they make money. Darrell is one of them. Darrell uses the same toolkits to trade with that we do. As someone who started with binaries and eventually moved to spreads, I can tell you that trading spreads you are far more likely to stay in the game and make money than trading binaries as a beginner. Spreads have a far superior risk to reward and if you trade them the way APEX teaches, you will find they are a much more peaceful way to trade.

I have to agree with Peter and Woodwright. DEMO DEMO DEMO first until you have proven you can make money over a long period of time, at least 3 weeks. Follow one system on one market during a consistent time frame that you can trade. Learn the 5% rule and trade according to your account size. Post your charts in here and the elite room. ask questions, we are here to help. We want to see you successful. Like Darrell says, “you don’t know, what you don’t know until someone more knowledgeable points it out to you” That is where sharing your marked up charts with questions comes in. Don’t give up, practice practice practice.



Well, first I would determine what you are going to trade, binaries or spreads? Then figure out what market you like and what consistent time frame you can sit in front of the charts for at least an hour. if you are going to invest $1000, spreads will make that last longer.

When do you see yourself trading consistently day after day? Lets start with that.


Hi Jasen:

I guess you are probably carried away by others posting on the successful trades. My apologies if my thinking is correct; If that is so, I would urge you to use that as an inspiration. I have earlier posted for other members with the limited knowledge I have on few strategies. If you care for it, look for my posts. One of the things I did and STILL DO, in my uncharted course here in APEX is to observe key players.

I have read almost all of the chart postings and suggestions of select people - Peter, Ronin, Marilyn, Lori and Gregster just to name a few. Of course, Darrel and John with most of the videos. I surely cannot read their entire life, but sure do not expect you do so. You can come up with your list of mentors within the community and do the same thing. Better yet, the trading pit/room will allow you to use the set up posted and get your trades.

If $30 per day is your goal, you should seriously practice for 30 days on one currency pair on a particular strategy - Iron Condor, on a set time frame. Let me be little more clear.

Today, the trend of GBPJPY looks down. So try to select in your demo, the GBPJPY pair on 3 time frames - 3 PM (tomorrow expiry); 7 AM (tomorrow expiry) and select one hour within the next 3 hours. Experiment the Iron Condor. Do yourself a favor with this one. Just the Iron Condor, GBPJPY. I can guarantee you that you will learn something to increase your confidence. There are lot of videos, structured course here in Apex. 90% of the opportunities start with the confusion because they are clouded with symptoms of panic in our earnest desire to make money quickly. You are probably feeling that. I am sure there are more qualified and successful folks here who can pitch in to help you. But surely, this is not a scam.

It looks to me that you need to make the money, as all of us do. But you are lacking the approach, which is why you need this community to point to the right direction.

Every opportunity I see to take a trade, I ask myself 2 more reasons for not taking the trade. There are lot of indicators, strategies in Apex, not sure what you have completed. But it would need lot more goof up on the content, community and care before labelling it as a scam, in my opinion. You can validate the content here, helping community here, and also the care that so many people replied to you immediately when you cried for help, although it is not a direct cry for help. Hope you refresh with a restful sleep and approach on a strategy.

Good luck, co-trader, Best, Koti



Thank you so much for the reply and you have really good suggestion that I will definitely try. I said scam out of frustration and prior experience with scams. I really do appreciate all the suggestions and I feel much more confident now that i know there are people willing to help and see others succeed.

Thanks, Jasen


Way to go Jasen. Glad you found your spirits again. Just to infuse more confidence in the content and the self-practice, pls see the attached image. After I replied you last night, scanned for the set up in demo and found the same GBPJPY. My long-leg did not kick in, only the short-leg worked in the Straddle strategy. As you can see two trades. One closed positive at 7 PM and the other one is still positive as I speak. Waiting to see how this goes. I always play with Straddle and Iron Condor to see which fits my life wit the market events.

If you observe, in 5 days of active trading days in the market, there are lot of movers. And all of them are out of my control. I am still learning, but not pressured to make money now. I am focusing more on ‘trading right’ rather than ‘making money’, as Darrell says quite often. Hope this helps. Play with the demo till you can understand the character of the currency pair. This exercise will benefit you in the long run, like how the kids will behave in the candy store.

Have a great day.

Best, Koti


Please read that as ‘Closed positive at 7 AM this morning’, sorry.


@jasonkettle your initial statements where completely without cause or merit.

It is awesome to see that others helped correct some things for you and are able to see better now some of the mistakes. But This is an important point and post and not so much directed at YOU you but at newbies so please don’t take it personally but I think others should see this.

You joined the site 10 days ago.

You have never paid a dime for anything literally.

You have not completed a single course. So of course you don’t know how we do it.

You barely started on 101 basics of instruments. Have not even completed chart setup courses. Have not completed the scanner course. And have at best touched on a couple of our system courses.

Meaning you have not used our education, have not used our tools, have not been in our trade rooms and yet somehow you think your qualifed to trade live and then call my site a scam.

Seriously I urge everyone to take some ownership for your own actions.

You should not have touched live until you have success in demo. A doctor would not operate on a patient without proper educations and practice. A Pilot would not fly a plane without proper education and practice. A lawyer would not represent a case without proper education and practice. But somehow traders think they can show up on a site and not get a proper education or practice and its a scam that you crashed your account killed your opinion and lost your case.

Look in the mirror and stop blaming others when you have not taken the proper steps to equip yourself.

It looks you are starting to take these steps as it seems you are starting to do make progress on some courses.

Also may I make a HUGE suggestion and reinforce and reaffirm the decision it appears your making and that is tol start with spreads and not binaries.


I apologize for calling it a scam. The people on here are very helpful and I think I was just overwhelmed, I over stepped my boundaries and this site is nothing but helpful. I would like to eventually start the $200/ membership but I want to make sure I can make a profit before I do. I’ll go through the videos and then start the trial and hopefully I’ll be good enough by then.

I’m really trying to nail down the iron condor and straddle in spreads. I made $30 in demo from it over night by following your steps. Hopefully that wasn’t just a fluke.

Again I apologize, Thank you Darrel for all that you’ve done with this site!


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