Isn't it bragging?


This question was purposed to me the other day from someone I know. I was telling them about APEX and how I rejoined the trading room. He said “why would I do that, you do pretty well as it is?” (by the way he is not a trader). I went on to explain that sitting and staring at a screen all day, I really don’t have contact with any other traders and I really don’t join in the conversation much because I use a hybrid system (1/2 APEX 1/2 mine). I don’t want to confuse other traders learning. It’s just nice to see and read what and how other traders are doing. I like being a part of something. And, I am not alone everyday staring at monitors in a dark, cold office …wait I’m getting emotional…on with the story. I told him I really only just post my profits. He said “isn’t that bragging?” I went on to explain why it wasn’t.----Trading is hard and there are more downs than ups. New traders get frustrated and usually end up throwing in the towel, blowing accounts, jumping from one sys to another, chasing whatever black box will make me rich etc.etc. I told him APEX is the best thing that I have seen out there. I do it as encouragement, or that I hope it is. If you follow the rules, get proficient at one trade, tweak it to your style, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Trust me there are losing days too, I will always post the good, the bad and the ugly. Is it bragging? No, APEX members post so others can see yes, it is possible. He still said “I think it’s bragging” so he is not my friend any more!!! just kidding. I’m not that vain.

P.S. I am on an open site which use to be good for retail traders to share but now we are treated like Peons (no offense to anyone who went to Monterey High in Lubbock :slight_smile: from the larger contract traders and service sellers like we are stupid. So, yes, I post there to brag…then leave…LOL



There is a lot of wisdom in the words you wrote. Thank you for that . It is not all about wins. If that were true everyone would be a trader and make lots of money.

Apex and the systems Apex has developed give each traders the ability to be profitable. What we do with this information is strictly up to each person. This is the Only educational trading company that I am aware of that offers different trading styles, systems and the ability to trade different market conditions.

Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on my trading education. Nothing in my past compares with the well rounded education that I continue to receive from Apex. The Elite Room continues to sharpen my skills and provide a common ground for the mutual benefit of all…Traders Helping Trader is more than just a few words, it is actions taken by other traders to help when asked.


As long as you aren’t trying to rep Lubbock High we are good :sunglasses:


I don’t think it is bragging. I may be different from most but even if I caught some rough trades it still lifts me up to hear of others who grabbed 10/20/50 ticks.




We have traders post winners and loosers alike. We are here to review trades and help traders.