Just started trading


Learning the ropes hopefully I continue to learn!


Hi Calebdheim, Welcome and the Sniper Bootcamp is the very best place to start. You have free access until 4 December so I would strongly recommend taking complete advantage of that.

My second recommendation would be to sign up for the Black Friday deal before it expires and then apply for the mentorship group as its the quickest and best way to learn how to become a profitable trader.

If you’re like me and a bit nervous about being in a mentorship group because you may be a bit shy and embarrassed then I’m right with you on that one.

For me its time to step out from hiding behind the screen and learn how to trade from the professionals. I’m a bit nervous about it but I’m going to do it anyway.

Really hope to see you in there so we can learn together.



Nothing to be nervous about. Be morr nervous about trading without mentorship than with it as we will help you fast :slight_smile: