Learning How to Read the Market


Attention Darrel or John or Lori or anybody who is really good at reading the market!

See how the market ping ponged between the upper level marked with a purple dashed line and the lower level marked by the green ICE level. I placed a short at #7 marked on the chart. The market stopped bouncing between the two levels and instead exploded upwards about 40 points in under 3 seconds. Was there anything in the chart that could have tipped me off that the market was going to breakout at point #7?

If the market moves to fill orders then there has to be some sort of tell when and where the mkt will make a big move like this. I think this is very important . Reading a market is the most important skill to master; even more important than any trading systems.


Only thung I could say is make a kiss arrow confirm first beforr entering. Kiss did pretty well through those trades and made back any losses in the big move


David, here is what I see reading OP