LeeLoo performance account feedback needed


Hello all,

I recently got back on here after taking a break from Nadex for about a year. I am migrating to trading futures and recently passed the evaluation for a funded account with LeeLoo on the 8 contract $50,000 account. Thanks to Apex for the indicators and I am still in love with the original order prints. :heart_eyes:

My question is this: Have you withdrawn any funds from your performance based account? I have read there are some restrictions on withdrawals including certain time periods and if you wanted to close the account you could only withdraw over a $5,000 threshold. Basically that if you did a $50,000 account and made $5,000 that is theirs and not yours. There is also some chatter about $1,000 max withdrawals. Have you found this to be the case or is it sour grapes.

I clicked through the link here and I have heard Darrel mention people having funded accounts. I would like to know your experiences with making withdrawals and any snags you have experienced. I am in the process of moving over some funds to my own live futures account and I want to know if LeeLoo is even something worth trading vs just trading my account.

I have seen some people say they came from Apex in the questionnaire so please chime in with your experiences.

Are you live and making withdrawals? Are you letting it build? Are you feeling like you have been had? I really would like to know if you have been able to withdraw what you expected. I am looking for your personal experience so please don’t tell me about a friend of a friend who cashed out $60k :wink:

Wishing each of you well!



im yet to try leeloo since im having a hard time getting past the idea of risking 20 pips to make 10 on only taking 3 trades a day and 6 losses. can see myself being on sim to figure out the mechanical trading by September . On a side note do you think its prohibited to castle build or meditation on the success aspect? a setup for failure?


I have a funded PA but the accelerator not the investor. They have different rules. I am supposed to be able to withdraw end of this month, does any know how to make this happen? Do you submit a ticket to leeloo? Is it in rhythmic trader?


I can understand your hesitancy to risk 20 to get 10. The good part is these are not random entries. They are very specific and when you enter it is because you had a valid entry point. If you entered the market at any point in any direction I think you would get smoked very quickly.

This has been the most profitable strategy in 20 years of trading for me. I have an 8 week test period to see how it goes to be able to see if I am going to transition from my job to full time.

Please explain the castle building. I am not following.


Thanks for the reply and I anticipate hearing how it went with the withdrawal. When you say you are supposed to be able, is this based on balance or time? Will you post up your experience regarding max amount you are able to withdraw? Honestly I am ok with having a $5k cushion to keep from hitting the liquidation value and forfeiting the account while trading. If and when the time comes I would want to withdraw all of it including the threshold.

I know we are not the only two people doing this so I hope for more replies.




castle building is day dreaming. or when people meditate on wealth affirmations etc. wondering if this is counter productive as it creates expectations that might affect your trading.


You submit a ticket to leeloo with banking information for a wire.


The cushion is there to help protect your PA. If you want it you can always close your account and get it. They aren’t keeping it.


Focus on the 3 per day not the risk reward ratio this is the key to making your profit and if your looking for more profit versus risk check out simpliicty.


Ive had no issues with withdrawals and payments. They are up front on all the rules dates how it works. No big deal. So long as they tel you and follow it which they do. We have over 200 funded traders just in the past month. They have to wait the required time to do a withdrawal.


Oh I see. Forgive me for not knowing what you meant. I have been guilty of that before and was spending it in my mind before I had it.

Instead of building the castle why not keep that as a dream but focus on making an extra car payment per month or paying off a credit card.

These are easy to achieve and it gives you a ton of confidence that it’s not an illusion. That’s my opinion anyway.


Thank you Darrell. I would want to keep the cushion as the initial drawdown limit is relatively tight. I really wanted to make sure I was dealing with a reliable company as I have a good chunk of time and a bit of cash invested in it.

I will keep you posted if you are remotely interested.



Thanks Darrell.