Lori's Daily- 170 ticks on NQ with one trade in 10 min!



Hi Lori, what for a great result!! Compliments. I see on your chart that you have a lot of dotted lines, if I have right understood they are the brick wall lines. Can I ask you which is your color code? What does it mean a purple line or an orange line? And how old are those lines? Do you do a “reset” every week or every month or you never cancel those lines? Thanks for your answer.


Check out the THT Lori did on Saturday…she talks a bit about that. Basically they get left on until price no longer reacts to that level, which can mean a wall is valid for weeks. She also mentioned she’ll start to take some off if the chart gets too crowded, and she’ll only keep the strongest ones.


Hi Lori, I’m new and just going through the trading videos, but I was wondering if many of the trades you make will be possible using Nadex spreads and/or binaries. I will be trading Nadex exclusively. Thanks!


Hi Azpierces,

Yes the trades you are learning, can be traded on Nadex. Lori trades futures and started out trading Nadex. We recommend learning the setups first so you can easily spot them and it’s 2nd nature to you. Then, learn how to trade them using Nadex spreads and or binaries.