Love, love, love all of this training and education!


I just wish I would have taken advantage of everything that APEX has to offer sooner! I had tried using Ninja before and could never seem to get anything to work correctly and gave up. After going through the Sniper Bootcamp, everything is set up and working! Over the past year or so, I have used Nadex with varying degrees of success, but now, I feel like Darrell and APEX have given me the confidence to move forward in trading. I’m starting to see consistent wins during my trading hours in the morning, the only time I have to trade right now. I’m just doing binaries and spreads right now, but I’ve seen my account grow each day (demo AND live) following the APEX training. The APEX scanner really helps, too! We have some upcoming family matters to attend to, but starting December 16th, I’m going to start the 90-day challenge and will begin posting weekly results. Looking forward to getting to know other traders, too…I’ve tried the “lone wolf” way for too long and am ready to dive in with fellow traders and make this thing work! :slight_smile:


Thats awesome keep it up!