Maturity in trading


Sometimes you need to be reminded of what intrinsically you should know, that it is wise to take your time, and that it takes time to become a professional. It is easy for some of us to be too hard on ourselves, and think that we SHOULD be ready to go live, that we have been trading on demo TOO LONG. TOO LONG? LONG ENOUGH?

Here are the questions you should ask yourself, before going live and risking hard earned money. Are you profitable long term? Have you made the money consistently for two or more weeks that you expect to make in live?

I know that I am not consistent enough for me to be comfortable with my own trading live yet, and this is not cowardice, it is a wise choice. For me, it will take time, and that is okay. I will get there. Not because I am a genius. Not because I am a trading master.

Because I am patient. Because I will be humble. Because I will be here in twelve months, and in 24, 36, 48, 120 months. I will take my time, I deserve the BEST CHANCE AT SUCCESS, NO MATTER HOW LONG THAT TAKES.

Thank you Darrell, I really needed that webinar last night, and I am probably not alone.



You are welcome. its one of those “not so popular” webinars. But in reality its probably one of the most important webinars I have every done. its that reality check of what it takes to be here in 12 months trading full time.

I am here to help you expedite that learning curve as fast as possible and I am glad you see what you need to accomplish to get through it to take on the live markets and rock them :slight_smile:



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I want to be a trader full-time but there is this voice in my head that says “start fast - make money fast”. Listening to this webinar made it real clear for me that I’m committed to becoming a professional trader not just a trader out to make some quick cash. I want to get to where I’m just moving inventory in and out of the warehouse and end up with more inventory in the warehouse. : ) Thank you Darrell.


Excellent. Getting these things down is a massive step required to move towards being a professional trader.

In trading i have found the biggest enemy is not the market but ourselves. We will be talking about that in our trading personalities webinar in the next couple weeks.