MY TAKEAWAYS ....... and experiences and feedbacks thus far


I have created an account here 2 or 3 years ago (from what I can remember). I came here with a FOREX background; a struggling trader. Since then I have achieved a lot. I was inactive here for a long time since joining. It was very overwhelming to me and for me when I first signed up and did all those binary options NADEX studies you provide. The deviation indicator (just the levels) was so accurate that it shocked me! But because I was unfocused and not fully understanding the power of that tool…well that explains my absence in a way…

So my time away was focused on finding my own strategy; my own thing. I landed on one thing from my time away. A BIG THING for me. All indicators have merit and they are there to assist with ones thinking process; not necessarily to forecast price; but to assist in observing it. And more is not better. So now when I mark charts I bring up a monthly (with a few years of time) and draw support/resistance/reversal points in a horizontal line and wait for price to touch and wait some more for my entry. That’s it…just a number of horizontal lines.

But the thing is…this deviation level indicator is all I need (right now)…that’s is…

Whomever created that should write a copy for all platforms and charge them but keep the NinaTrader version free only here. It would be a very big thing man…



Darrell Martin created intraday deviations and the deviation indicator, so thank him. :slight_smile:

The Deviation levels and Deviation indicator are free to use with APEX’s permission. If you can get it auto-plotted on Ninja already the why would he need to put it on every other platform. Ninja actually has real-time data, unlike many of the other platforms out there.

Welcome back to Apex. SO MUCH has evolved since you have been gone. I think you would be blown away to find out what we have now…


My first NADEX trade…my very first…today…after years of demo trading and studying various markets and strategies…i also opened an account with ninjatrader/phillip capital
…my journey has officially begun


I just closed the trade…did i really just make that much money so quickly…WHOA!!!