Nadex Binary Momentum Scalps As I See It


I am really trying to get a handle on doing momentum scalps (Apex elite chart using Nadex Binaries). I have viewed many videos and threads and seem to get conflicting information. I am NOT doing futures, just Nadex. With that said, here is how I see it. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Really trying to learn here.

We should be looking for next hour OTM strikes. If none are found, we can go with a ATM current hour strike. Take profit is essentially $20 as a target. Normal rules apply. 3 ticks above/below, no stop loss needed because they are capped. Must have exceeded volume. Watch for major deviation levels. In particular, +1 or -1 and settlement as well as range high to low.

Have I got this right? Please correct if wrong. Or add info as needed. Thank you.


I personally suggest you start with the 5 Minute Binary Trend Catcher Trading System not momentum scalps.

You are right though. You can do current hour also depending on how much time till expiration. (ie 10 minuts till not a good idea) 40 minutes time no big deal use current hour.

If you believe your seeing conflicting information note it so we can either correct it or explain the confusion.


Thanks Darrell. Yeah, I was only breaking even with the momentum scalps and have opted for Strike Spiker. I am also watching 10 Min MVP as a possibility.