Nadex Binary Strangles on 20 Minute Contracts


The 20 minute Binary Strangle strategy today

If you have a 1:1 reward:risk then you have to win more than 50% of the time to be profitable.


Including fees yes this is accurate. Depending on size fees drop after 10 contracts as they cap at 9.00 max per leg/order entered exited/expired itm and it has less impact as size increases.

Ie 1 contract 90 cents a contract per side 10 contracts 9.00 total 90 cents a contract per side 100 contracts 9.00 total 9 cents a side per contract per leg

I have found most traders challenges in profit is not the fees though. If fees make or break ones profitability try to change the system. I simply state 50% 1 to 1 to keep it simple as fees change based on size. Dont miss the forest by focusing on the trees, or something like that :slight_smile:


That was a good one


Excellent video Gotta watch out for those trees too!