Nadex Forex Spreads - Help


I have a question for DM or Lori. I want to trade Nadex forex spreads using the Sniper System. I asked DM about this earlier this year in the ER and he recommended not to do it because of the market conditions at the time.

Have things changed? If so, what are the correct template? Bar settings?

I have a funded account with Nadex and have not traded in over a year. Beginning July 1, they are going to charge me $10.00 per month for inactivity. Should I close the account? They said something about buying a cheap 0.25 binary contract - I think, to avoid the expensive inactivity fee.

Your thoughts please and thank you, James


Dont close your account. Just because you arent using Nadex now doesnt mean you wont have a change of heart 6 months down the road.

My understanding of the email is that you would just have to make 1 trade a year to prevent any sort of inactivity fee.

So a cheap OTM binary would work great in this instance, unless there was an actual trade you wanted to take


Thank you, your answer makes good sense.