You don’t need a data feed for using Ninja Trader with Nadex correct? Just add the instruments and pull live charts correct?


With Nadex you will still need to use up to the minute live data feeds. So just follow the steps under the Getting Started With Ninja Trader training course to get free Forex and Futures data


Thank you @skeltonmark


There is conflicting info in the getting started courses. To use Nadex, what data feeds do I need - CQG, FXCM or both, and which license key should I use in NinjaTrader?


I’m interested in learning more about the Expected Time Indicator. I did not see it posted under indicators, but attached is my understanding. What determines the ET? Thank you.


If your ONLY going to trade Futures - Future Indices Future Commodities or Nadex contracts based on Future Indices or Commodities then you only need CQG/Continuum (same thing different name)

If your going to trade spot forex or nadex forex binaries or spreads you going to need BOTH Forex data and Futures data as we use futures fx volume so we get real exchange volume on the charts (versus broker tick volume)

Use the key you get from NinjaTrader/NT Brokerage


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Simply add the expected time indicator to your chart. Click the clock. Click the starting price or bar if historical move it up or down to the price your targeting (ie a strike) and click - it will tell you the minimum expected time it should take if it moves to that price.