Next level computer


When we are ready to go to the next level and routinely use the Market Analyzer and advanced high resource tools, can you recommend the computer hardware or specs required. Can you also recommend monitors / monitor packages?


Yup…give me a couple days working out something for you guys :slight_smile: Top Notch…

I know several companies but this one is the best…coming soon…


Hi Darrel…relaxin in the redwoods? Good stuff! Wish I could be in San Mateo tommarrow…anyway, I’ve got my wish list of parts for my trading rig complete, about to place my order…just want to make sure it’s inline with what you recommend for trading rigs…any updates for this post?

P.S. any events planned for the New York/Boston/northeast?


I use finege. I would not use anyone else. Yup heading to Boston in May!


If your looking to upgrade talk to David at Finege. He builds my computers and makes his own monitors. His stuff is top of the line and affordable.

He is a grad from MIT has a top notch staff and builds computers for HFT firms etc… He knows his stuff backwards and forwards and you will get exactly what you need.

He has a special for Apex Traders - ask him for the Apex Edition.

He has an economy, a bronze, a silver, and a platinum packages.

I highly recommend you get the bronze edition or higher. (remaking site)

David Wilderhorn 312-450-3344 OR 773-717-0071


Darrell are they still in the business? The FB page doesn’t exists. First number is DWC and the second number is wrong number. I know also recommends EZ Trading Computers. Thank you

#7 is gone, But in my humble opinion any “gaming” computer is going to do the same job but be less expensive. the real edge a trading computer company can give you is that they understand your need of multiple monitors. (any decent video card is going to offer the option for more monitors but may take some learning on your part for setup.)


Thank you very much for the information.