Night Time Trades


This is two of the Sniper Trading Setup 2 "Trapped X Box "

They made $50 Each, So that’s $100 simple on Sunday night.

How does it work?

  1. You have a red/green box (thats the xbox)
  2. You have a trapped order (thats the blue part in the box)
  3. The bar has to close the opposite direction of the previous bar
  4. Enter 1 tick below low/above high in direction of bar close
  5. Set stop at high/low of reversal bar (opposite side of entry)
  6. Take a 10 Tick Profit = $50 per contract

Yes its that easy. Little more to learn for letting em run but thats it for the entries.

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I took shorted a trade tonight that went against me. I had a trapped xbox with a paw on top of a mini-magnet. Was there something that I missed?


Nothing missed just didnt work