NinjaTrader - How To Optimize


Hi, all. I’m fairly new to NinjaTrader and am probably doing more than a few things wrong… two questions here…

Currently I’m loading six charts, twin pairs of ES, YM, and NQ with Ultimate Diagnostic & Ultimate Continuum templates. However, they tend to take several minutes to fully load upon starting up or when I change any parameter in the data settings. This is after setting the number of days to 12; my PC is around three years old, but shouldn’t be the culprit.

  1. Any suggestions on how to speed up the loading of such a workspace?

Also, to connect, both Continuum and FXCM need to be connected to.

  1. Is there any way to start with NinjaTrader with Continuum & FXCM data connecting automatically upon starting the platform?

Thanks for your responses.


3 years in computer age is old! :smirk:

Joking aside… have you considered using a workspace?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a workspace option that several APEX traders use and have very positive results with.

That could be a solution to your loading issues

As for having your connections start right away… Im not sure if that is possible.