NQ possible OP mislead twice


Notice at 12:17 and 12:27 red absorption X indicate sell short with MM and Cluster and market went long instead. Then absorption red X at 12:51 said sell short and it finally did 46 dollar profit 4 min left in contract could of been better if not for the prior Red Xs going wrong way.


The first two X’s were in a choppy zone. With all those power lines etc together and the price going nowhere, it wasn’t a good place to take trades. It was, however, a good time to start watching for a breakout. Though it would have been a fake break (a quick scalp may have worked using the 12:42:15 bar as a setup with vad a), once it came back you could’ve taken an entry between 12:55-12:56. The pull back at the bar after 12:56:52 would have been a potentially great place for a sell setup.

I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than I could dig in deeper/give a better explanation, but that’s what I’ve got for this.


I saw The Chop in the 1st X shorted into the 2nd X at the next bar since the red brick at top indicated buyer exhaustion but just the opposite happened.


AHHHH HA Just went back over the Apex Directional using OP and answers right there. Mini Magnets look at all of them in the 1st 2 Xs Chop Chop Chop Thanks to Apex and especially John in his awesome Course teaching. and Thank you raceturtle you were right on about the Chop!


Those Mini Magnets do draw Chop Boxs just like John says in the breakout course.