NT data clarification, plus a newbie question


In the training video for installing NT, there is a training course update video that you watch first that shows the new link to the NT website. This video indicates that you only need to request data once, but when you actually click the checkbox on the NT site that says “Yes, I would like to receive free live market data”, it prompts you to select your asset class and gives you two choices: futures and forex. I haven’t gotten beyond that point because I want to make sure I’m doing it right… do you only need to request data once as the video says (and if so, how would you even do that since you can only select one at a time), or do you need to request data twice (if so, can I recommend updating the training to indicate this)?

My newbie question is around what to trade as a beginning evening user. I’m pretty sure the strategy I want to go with is IZSS. I’d prefer trend trading as opposed to chop or swing trading, but if either of those is a better way to go in the evenings, I’m open to that. So the question is, what futures or forex pairs would you recommend using for IZSS trend trades during the evening hours?

Appreciate any help and suggestions!


Yes you can request twice to get both types of data. If you are only able to trade in the evenings then Forex will be your best bet as far as markets that are possibly moving at night. In the evening I would focus on the AUd pairs, and the JPY pairs since those two overseas markets are open at that time and have the best chance of moving, as opposed to, say for example the USD/ CAD in which both of those “markets” are closed and its nighttime in those countries