NT vs Nadex in trade room Accurate


NT vs Nadex in trade room Accurate. Could this be my computer or Account Discrepancy my previous post showed my accounts 27 Tic Difference in Nadex vs NT?

Elite Trade room Nadex vs NT

My accounts Nadex vs NT


Nadex uses a somewhat different method of determining their indicative than ninja. Normally they stay within a few ticks of each other but sometimes there will temporarily be a large discrepancy. That said it might not hurt to send in a support ticket as they’re going to know the ins and outs of this.


For your NT data… looks like you are using the 6-19 contract

In the Elite room and for Nadex… looks like its the 3-19 contract

Nadex will be moving the US indices/DAX/FTSE to the 6-19 contract for when the contracts start listing at 3am EST on March 11


Yep saw that in Elite trade room. Rolled NT did not roll Nadex.

Thanks for Reply