NT7, A.P.E.X. Diagnostic Deviation: Instrument not found


I just downloaded this indicator package as a free forum member, and the install did not fail.

In NT7 Indicators selection box, I see all the APEX indicators listed, and some of them are disabled, probably because I do not have an elite acct. I thought the Deviation indicator was free, but if not, that might explain this error.

When I added the APEX Diagnostic Deviation indicator to my 15 min chart for instrument ES 06-17, a box appears with a yellow background and red font color " A.P.E.X. Diagnostic Deviation: Instrument not found "

This first appeared on Sunday evening, so I thought maybe it had something to do with the roll of the futures contract. But now it is Tuesday and the yellow box still appears.

In the indicator properties inside NT7, the Data > Input series is set to ES 06-17 (15 min)

thanks for any advice.


Hello Mr. BOS,

The Deviation Levels are meant to be complimentary. I recommend submitting a ticket to the help desk. They should be able to help you out.

Anthony and Austin are wonderful!!



Probably caused by US Indices Contract Rollover. Lots of issues in Elite room today about NT and Data feed. Check tomorrow. Most issues will be clear themselves up tomorrow.