NT7 keeps quit after login with forex


Hi ,

i am having problem with NT7 when i create a connection with NT7 for forex . after creating that when i tried to connect with the forex connection its get vanish(quit) . its like something force it to quit. but on the other hand if i connect with future its work perfectly. please let me know what to do .


I had the same problem, because I was using a free data account from an US FXCM account. Than I opened a new free account for data from the UK website (https://ninjatrader.com/LP/Forex/Brokerage/FXCM_UK) and it’s still working fine! I live in Europe, and that was the problem. If you too live in Europe you can try.


It does that once your demo trial period has ended.

Using the link that was provided, if you say you are from the UK, there shouldnt be any issue with signing up.

It wont let you select the US or Canada or a few others.