Official 1st Question


While I was still learning how to navigate this forum I had some questions, but figured them out on my own. My situation, I worked on the SIM for a little less than 2 weeks and signed up for leeloo, I already failed my funding once, so I have been practicing with the SIM for a couple more weeks before I try again. This week has been good, except today. I know what I did wrong in the 1st one, but what did I miss in this one?


Looks like running into a stack of 3 or more levels.


You’re right. I totally missed that. I think sometimes I get so excited to see a setup that I miss the obstacles. Thanks.


Lots of obstacles in the way. Paw prints, mini-magnets, double clusters (really triple clusters), more paws, zoi, DR volume very weak. Please post a picture of your entire chart next time. It makes it easier to see the big picture and what was going on at that price level.


Thank you. I will post the whole chart next time. Thanks.