Okay I’m a rookie but I need your help


Okay I’m a rookie but I need your help

I was wondering is there anyone out there who has ran across the same problem when they first started Trading?

For the last two weeks I have been in demo mode and I am preparing in the next couple of days to have one Live account but I am as scared as “H” but with cause.

  • I am taking too many trades during the day, which would be very costly.
  • How many trades should I look to take during the day and how many trees should I Look to go down to in the future.
  • Please tell me how should you look at the trading activity during the day before beginning? should l just take the first thing that comes out? Do I look and see what type of activities has taken place so that I would know how to trade today or what strategy should I use
  • I’ve been taking only 1 contract right one in demo but I would like to do more soon. But I am afraid.
  • I am afraid of losing all of my money in service. I want this to work but I’m willing to put the work in
  • I would like to continue to do demo trading after 4 p.m. but the market is closed do you have any advice regarding this matter

I know this is a lot to read, but I would like as many trailers that are out there will be kind enough to put their input in so that I will have a good perspective whole point of view how to trade, because there must be a method to all the madness.

In closing, I would like to thank you all in advance


Hi Tim, welcome to the Apex family. First of all I would highly suggest to be in the elite room if have access, specially during the morning hours. Lots of people in there willing to help. Many experienced traders sharing their wisdom.

Do you trade Nadex or futures?

When markets are closed and you can’t demo trade you always have the option to do market replay.

Many traders trade one contract, you can add on AFTER you built your account. Don’t try to rush things. Most important thing is to keep your money management in check. I started trading Nadex and then when I discovered the futures I stayed in demo for about a few month.

Different systems available here at Apex, depends on what you like, and what you feel comfortable with. most peeps limit theirself to 3 trades per day. That doesn’t sound much but can add up fast.

You said one very important thing… you are willing to put in the work. Kudos to you, first step accomplished.

The fastest way is to hop in elite room and get engaged. Many Apex traders have proven it, the more questions they ask, the more charts they post, the faster they learned.

Hope that helps a little bit Marion


Thanks for your help.I will try to put my Q in the right places the next time.

Update/New Your License Key/Go-Live

  • I get my email from Phillip Capital Group yesterday and I did all the things that thy asked me to do, I also submit your license key and set to at the correct commission rate, but I did not get my email from that putting my license key for live trading (for my conformation). when I log into my ninja7 and I open it up I can see it says both Demo as well as live.but when I open it up I dont see it anywhereas well I would over to the right hand side were I open a Trad. It was about 5pm in the day when I did, could it because I did not get the email? I have sent the money for the account yet, but it Saturday and the Banks are open to day. Pls tell me with should do, my two weeks of Demoing is up.


Sorry for the late reply, but I don’t watch this forum on a daily basis. Best to ask in elite room or any skype room if you are in one…

Did you choose your data package?