On the go internet connection options


my job requires me to travel 3 weeks out of the month but i try to trade in the morning and at night what options do i have as far as high speed wireless internet that is faster than mobile hotspot because it lags when im looking at the charts on ninja trader


You would have to compare specs and reviews from the various carriers in that area. We have no particular recommendation of one. I have used Verizon in the past and was personally pretty happy with them


Thank you appreciate it


I have the luxury of being able to learn/trade at work but came across computer and internet isuues. So I guess it fits into the category of “on the go internet connections.” This is what I did and hopefully it helps someone else out. I was able to get on to apex and nadex from work computers but unable to link spread scanner with nadex due to computer authorizations… so I brought in my laptop and was going to use my iPhone as a hotspot for internet… wouldn’t you know it, I get crappy service at work… so I called tmobile and they sent me out a “mobile cell tower” for $25 deposite and no monthly fee… now we’re in business right? No, hotspot speeds were slow but manageable on the other hand I’m blowing through 1-2 gigs a day with a 6gig LTE max… The fix is finally here, upgraded to tmobile one international package that has unlimitied 4gLTE date (truly unlimited, no slowing down after 28gigs) and turnes the phone to a 4gLTE hotspot. So with the cell tower, phone, and laptop I’m in business and pulling 20Mbs or more from my phone/hotspot. Hope this helps someone out there! Good luck!