One Year on with Sniper


Hi everyone, I joined Apex/Sniper just over a year ago. During that time I’ve blown multiple Leeloo Evaluation Accounts as I try to get to grips with this trading thing we are all trying accomplish.

The main thing I’ve struggled with over the past year is the mental side of trading and I know I’m not alone in this.

I’ll try and keep this post as short as I can but hopefully some of the things I share may help others who are trying to overcome this battle.

I won’t waste time saying all the things I’ve done wrong because they are the same things many are also doing so you know what they are.

For me things got so bad that I completely lost confidence in myself, the Apex strategies and Apex itself. At the same time deep down I also knew the real problem was me. That something was so wrong with me, because only an idiot would consistently achieve such bad results as I was.

So what did I do….

  • I made a decision that I was going to fix this problem. This comes from WHY you are trading. Simply saying I want to make money from trading is okay, but how badly do you want to succeed at it. If its not REAL BAD then you need to focus on you WHY more.

  • I got comfortable with my Trading Strategies and acceptable risk. I did this by watching hours and hours of the training videos and then spending hours practicing on replay.

  • I signed up for the $25K Evaluation account and traded 2 Micro contracts on that account. It takes a long time to qualify doing that but I find it helps mentally at this stage as the risk is low. The main purpose for this is not just to qualify the account but I use it as a training exercise to get rid of all the stupid stuff I do and get comfortable with the strategies and the mental side.

  • A mistake I made was to quit a Mentor Room. I regret this now but I have to accept it and move on. Two main reasons I quit was ** I didn’t contribute much in the group. Basically, I didn’t know what I didn’t know so didn’t know what to ask. (The answer is, just post your charts) ** The other reason was. I now use a combination of 2 Apex Strategies as I find this much more comfortable with my trading style in identifying high probability set ups. So didn’t want to post charts in the room as this would cause confusion with other members.

  • The Psychology side was more difficult. I signed up for the mind mastery, I also read books by Mark Douglas and watched a lot of his video’s, along with doing the recommended exercises. All this gave me a better understanding of why and how our emotions play a big part in trading and helped a little. But wasn’t the big fix I was looking for. Not saying they don’t work. What I am saying is we all respond to different things in different ways. What works for one may not work for another.

  • I felt like I needed a new brain as the one I had wasn’t working properly. I knew I shouldn’t move my stop loss or should close a losing trade early. But I was still doing all this stupid stuff. Then feeling all the regret and embarrassment when another account was blown.

  • This lead me down another path. I knew people went to a hypnotist to help with things like smoking etc. So I started searching for a hypnotist in my local area. Although I didn’t end up going down that route. I did find something very similar to it. I’m now a few months into a 5 month programme and my trading results are improving.

  • My confidence in myself and Apex is back and I’m feeling great and very positive for the future. I still have the odd stupid moment but I’m improving a little each day/week. I’m close to qualifying my Evaluation account and feel ready for a funded account when that comes.

Since my decision to fix the problem. My attitude has been to get the basics right regardless of how long it takes. When I can trade consistently with 2 contracts then I can do the same with multiple contracts and accounts. Take small steps and grow. So when you take bigger ones you’re ready.

Sorry for the long post and hope it helps others a little who are fighting their own battles



Very good post. Understanding your inner problem is important, but deciding to solve your inner problem is powerful.

We’ve all been there.

For me, it was a complete lack of patience instead of taking my time and sticking to a planned goal. Between lots of replay training and lots of live Micro trading, I was able to build my confidence and get ahead in my goals.

The common belief is that experience is the best teacher. NONSENSE.

The experience of others is the best teacher. What one wants to experience is consistently doing the right thing, as learned from the experience of others.

Unfortunately, most of us have to learn the hard way before finally solving our problems. (Learning the hard way is probably left over massive stupidity from our teen years.)

Hopefully, people will learn from your honest posting.


Thank you for your reply.

What promted the post was my wife saw on the Apex Facebook page that a member had recently blown their funded account. I know how I would feel if that had happened to me so wanted to share my experience with the mental side of trading to see if it might help others.

Its something we all seem to go through and if others want to share their own experiences then that would be great. As we are all here to help one another.

At the risk of appearing rude. We all come into trading wanting to learn the next Holy Grail strategy so we can earn lots of money for low risk and minimal effort.

It’s a bit later that we learn there is no Holy Grail and training our mindset is probably the missing piece of the puzzle thats holding us back. And up to that point it’s not a subject we’ve taken seriously or given the respect it deserves.

I’ve learned the “hard way” training your mindset is just as important as learning any strategy. In fact I would argue that it’s more important.