PC Switch/Purchase Inquiry


As a beginner in the trading world and after discovering Apex Investing, I’ve realized and decided to get a new computer for the field. But, the confusion begins here:

I already have an iMac with 8GB RAM, an i5 Processor and 500GB Hard Drive. It’s also sitting unused with no softwares or files in it (No spoiled rich kid status here). Now, is that good enough to run Apex toolkits, indicators and templates with NinjaTrader 7. With all the VMware, Virtual Box, Oracle and Ubuntu sources?

Or am I better off buying a new Windows Desktop/Laptop for this? I’m a beginner so more advanced computers will be attained in future. So, buying an expensive new computer at beginner stage isn’t really what I’m leaning towards. Unless it’s a better option.

Thanks and Best Regards!


that is good enough make sure you have high speed internet


On speedtest.net it’s almost always shows 24-28 mbps download and around 20 upload. I know that’s not majestic speed. Good enough?


yea that should do. I got by with alot worse. just practice on demo before livevand after you have some profits upgrade your computer if need be


Thank you for your awesome response. I’ll wait for a few more responses before going with this decision. So far so good!


In my opinion I stopped at iMAC. Great computers and even Darrell loves Apple, but the trading world runs on PC. Its just the way it is.