Possible theft of Apex Investing indicators


i was doing some research and came across a pay indicator when i went to look at the indicator info, they offer a sample trading log in excel. the indicators were named “APEX” and “Trendcatcher”

Kinda suspicious, right?


Definetely suspicious. Thank you for the heads up I will send this to our lawyers to look at and pursue action if needed.

This has happened multiple times over. People try to copy stuff we make from the brief explanations of the tools. They do not know the details of the tools. So their imitations are inaccurate time and time again. As any live trader knows even being off by a few ticks can be the difference between a bad entry and no entry. Or between missing a take profit or hitting a stop versus not hitting it. The difference is found in the cents/pips/ticks.

The other thing they fail to recognize is we are constantly improving our tools with newer versions.

In addition none of the tools are used by themselves so simply having one indicator wont allow any of these systems to be used.

Plus we are constantly updating and improving systems to deal with current market volatility something a simple indicator cant do by itself.

Most our tools work with our bars which have unique aspects no one knows about that helps them with accuracy.

The stats they provide are obviosulu fake as they state it’s for forex futures cryptocurrencies etc not options yet they show straddles butterflies etc. They are copying our stats from a different service. Obviously they are just trying to scam people.

We are often imitated but never duplicated.

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