Question about sniper and stocks


Just a quick question, I thought I heard/read somewhere that the sniper system could be used on everything from futures, fx to stocks, was I wrong? Has anyone tried this successfully? I only ask because I cant get stocks to load with the sniper setups and get an error about “bars ago” on my chart. screenshot any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I do realize that most traders are using sniper for futures, but I also trade stocks and fx and wanted to be able to use it unilaterally.

Thanks in advance.


You have to have a stock data feed which one are you using? Also the bars need to be a minimum of the small bar sizer if not larger. Also are you loading just 3 days?


Thanks for the reply. I am currently using my TD Ameritrade data feed. I can get it loaded on a naked chart so I know it’s at least working. I am a bit confused by the bars being a “minimum of the small bar” could you elaborate a bit? I have also been loading up to 10 days but will go with 3 if it’s the best option. I appreciate the help.


Scott, TD Ameritrade data can only be used in time based bars in NT.