Question about the "Gold for silver" package


Hello all, I am finally going to bite the bullet, probably, and go ahead and purchase a package, specifically the “gold for silver” one. I do have some questions though. It says that it comes with the simplicity indicator, is that on my charts or just access to see it in the elite room? Does the package also come with other indicators such as KISS and more? I did read the listing of things but wanted to make sure nothing has changed. I am specifically interested in the simplicity indicator as it seems to help me more so far. Are there “training” videos/tutorials for the other indicators available?

Thanks for the help



Gold for Silver is the way I went. Gold does offer other good training and strategies including KISS and APEX Power Trading. I have forgotten if “APEX Choppy Market Warning” indicator is offered with Silver. This indicator is needed for Simplicity. You also need to pay about $100 per month for another data fee. All of this is in APEX Boot Camp training. Jump in, the water’s fine :slight_smile:


I mainly trade Nadex and was considering either the Binary Mastery or Integration courses, but now I am also looking at the Gold for Silver package, and wanted to know if it was worth the extra investment or stick with one of the mastery courses?


Futures are much easier to trade and you can trade micros you will learn a lot and get access to most indicators with the Sniper Gold for silver package including KISS and Simplicity.