Question re: Setting up a 2nd Ninja Trader


Hi, I’m going through Sniper Bootcamp and am setting up Ninja Trader. I have successfully added Ninja Trader on my work computer, but now I want to also set it up on my home computer to be able to study and go live in between the two places, especially as at times I work from home.

My question is regarding setting up a 2nd Ninja Trader on my home laptop. When I go to download the 2nd Ninja Trader, do I enter the same contact details? Or should I use a different email address & phone number?

Thank you!


Since licenses are based on machine hardware ID’s you may end up doubling your up front cost. You might be better off setting up some form of remote solution to allow yourself to connect to your home machine from work (team viewer, gotomypc, or just plain or RDP). I believe Ninja Trader will only work with same license key from one machine at a time, and I believe the apex toolkit also is limited by machine ID although I believe the number is two machines.

If you plan to use the auto trader that is machine ID specific per license as well.


You would need another login for the 2nd machine for data to stay connected.