Questions about Enhanced X Box system


Hi, I’m a new trader and I’m trying to learn the sniper system so I can pass the eval and be funded.

I have three questions for you:

(1) Do I wait to entry a trade until I see a new bar drawn after the enhanced X box appears? I.e., should I wait to make any decisions while the bar has the potential to redraw? (2) Does the enhanced X box require the PAW or is having a couple of the support/resistance levels present enough to confirm the trade? (3) Do you ever use the enhanced X box for an entry that isn’t a reversal? For example, would this have been a good entry for a short?

Thanks! -Doug


Goto Step 3 in the Sniper Bootcamp and watch the video. You’ll be able to answer that question. The trade reviews and the rest of the training would also be good for you to watch.


That was not a reverdal bar all setup 2 are reversal bars

Etx 1 trapped x box with a paw or mm 2 reversal bar 3 withing 2 ticks if existing zoi mm paw or iblock 4 not against a strong trend


Please read update (bottom):

Hi Darrell. This will be a bit lengthy. This last week I’ve just been watching the sniper training videos listing my questions as I ago, and now posting them all at once. They’re all about the same thing, so really if you condense them together you’d only really have a couple questions.

These are all questions I have about video Setup 2, Market Reviews: “Market Trade Review 20+ Trades, 90% Win Rate” Each of the following trades were ones you verbally recognized as valid trades in your market review.

my post and these pics were done at work, with my iphone, so was not able to use jing

at 2:18, the naked xbox was going against DR. Wouldnt a naked xbox have to go with DR? I did notice that there was a very subtle, almost imaginary, “big hill, little hill” deviation. Is this why the trade would’ve been taken? Do we take a DR into consideration even if the “big hill, little hill” is THAT subtle?

These next two snapshots each show a naked xb trade, though in both examples, the DR indicator bars under each set up bar were not the same color/direction as the DR bars prior to them (11:18 and 12:43 respectively). Was it because OD showed divergence? I wasnt able to see it in the video as it was zoomed in too close. It was taught that these two bars should both either be red or green.

At 12:57, this short naked trade also went against DR. Is this another case of imaginary big hill little hill?

at 15:37, also a naked xb trade going short (the bar with the cluster in it), but going against DR. this time DR showed NO “big hill, little hill” no matter how hard I tried to imagine it. It did become coil chop on the second bar, but why would we go into the trade to begin with if it was against DR?

Please do not mind the interrogation-like tone of this post! :slight_smile: This is only due to me writing my questions down and posting them all up in one go. Nonetheless, I am curious to know why it was DR was saying no to all these valid trades. If it wasn’t OD divergence, was it something else I missed?

Update: I just remembered something: were the above trades in range bound markets, by chance? Also… is the below (highlighted in box) a range? I was trading on demo just now and found that the first few profitable trades I missed all SEEMED to be going against DR… then I remembered that DR doesnt matter in range bound markets. Does the same go for OD? Thank you in advance.

Bit of a rabbit hole situation here, with each question leading me to think of more… but is this a trend or a range? (see notes in image) Thank you so SO much in advance. ANYONE’s feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:


you answered it rangw bound markets :slight_smile:


Hi Darrell.

was the video reviewing rangebound markets? or are you referring to the highlighted part of the market in my recent post? Still don’t know whether to consider the latter rangebound or trending.

Or was rangebound market the one answer to all my silly questions? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


On the sniper page under the tutorial section near the bottom we have a webinar that covered range bound markets see if that helps and let me know if not


Darrell wasn’t this a Coil chop set up? This was The “quick market review” video, fourth video down on the market review section. Why was this trade taken? Is it that coil chops are ok to ignore when the markets just trending smoothly? Also…

In the video, you mentioned that this was a profitable short trade… but it was going directly into a wall… and a mini magnet. Why was this trade taken as well?


the coil chop avoidance applies ro es markets not nq

We have found since that video its best not to take into a wall if the entry is in front of a wall always adaptibg


Got it. thank you!


new elevator video xoming this week