Questions about Sniper


I have been snooping around for a while and am considering trying the sniper boot camp. Most topics I have read about the Sniper system is in regards to the e-mini and micro’s so I was wondering if the sniper system can be used on Nadex options as well or is there a better system. Id like to get into it but dont want to use it on a product that isnt very well suited for it.



Yes, the system can be used with Nadex instruments. There are videos in the sniper boot camp that go over this. However, there are reasons the regular micros and minis are the focus. Also explained the boot camp videos. Learning the how to trade the sniper setups on the mini and micros will greatly aid in being able to chose the right strikes, spreads and touch brackets (knockout brackets). There is a lot to know about trading Nadex. There are courses available for purchase on the Apex website that do an excellent job explaining the ins and outs of Nadex.