Range Indicator high to low and low to high


Hi Darrell

On the range indicator, on the video going over it on Feb 13, you keep talking about the expected range High to Low. Does that also apply for the expected range low to high? If so then it would be the expected range the market would move either high to low or low to high?

Thanks Kellie


The expected range has 4 soon to be 5 settings. You can apply it to any time frame. High to low is the same as low to high. It is how far on average over the past 10 weeks the market has moved on average low to high or high to low (same thing)

There is a volatility setting, this is new and I have not really discussed it, as trying to figure out the best way to easily explain it. Basically, it’s the open to low to high to close or open to low to high to low to close whichever is greater (max) or less (min)

We also have an expected close to close which is what it sounds like.

And we will be adding expected volume this week also.

Thanks for posting question from help desk in forum sharing with everyone is always appreciated :slight_smile: