Record Highs Reported By Nadex For Three Consecutive Quarters


By Darrell Martin

The North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) reported October 9, 2015 that the volume of binary options and spread contracts traded on the exchange during the third quarter of 2015 was 70 percent ahead of Q3 2014. Each quarter of 2015 has seen record high levels of trading volume.

On August 31, 2015, the volume of binary options and spread contracts traded since January exceeded the total traded in all of 2014. The most heavily traded contracts were the US 500 (based on the E-Mini S&P 500 futures) and the EUR/USD exchange rate.

In answer to the public’s increased interest in binary option trading, Nadex has recently launched a purely educational website using the “dot-nadex” top-level domain. At, you will find trading tips and strategies as well as education on the benefits of exchange-traded binary options.

Nadex continues to educate the public about legal, trustworthy ways to participate in the markets. According to the CFTC’s RED list, there continues to be an increasing presence of offshore, loosely regulated binary options providers who illegally try to attract US clients.

Nadex’s public profile also continued to grow during Q3. As a finalist for the prestigious Chicago Innovation Awards, Nadex was honored as one of the city’s Top 100 most innovative companies.

“It’s gratifying to see our strong growth continuing,” said Tim McDermott, CEO of Nadex. “It means that Nadex is addressing a real desire for innovations that let individuals participate in the markets on a level playing field. We’re all affected by the markets in our daily lives. Nadex offers customers a limited-risk way to put into action their own intelligence and insights about those market forces.”

Darrell Martin says his company,, which is a recognized educational partner of Nadex, has provided tremendous assistance in the volume growth seen at Nadex. This is due in large part, not only to all the free education and webinars he provides, but also to the New Binary Spread Scanner Pro. This product was released two months ago and has had 800,000 contracts pass through it since its release. This important tool was designed to benefit Nadex traders. Read all about it in the recent press release: Apex Investing Institute’s Improved Binary And Spread Scanners For Nadex Traders Available Now.

Although not directly affiliated with Nadex, Apex regularly contributes articles to You can find Darrell Martin regularly appearing on educational webinars for Nadex.

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