RTY replacing TF


Hello, I know this question has come up, but it’s my understanding a couple yrs ago the TF symbol used on NT was replaced by RTY symbol and now required to have a separate RTY data feed for charts to trade Nadex Small Cap 2000. If so, then what is the Ninja TF symbol charting now and why does it match pricing in Nadex Small Cap 2000? I keep seeing TF is not used for Nadex Small Cap 2000 trading. Thank you.


TF somewhat mirrors the Nadex Small Cap 2000, but there seems to be a substantial lag time between them. For those using Nadex and not wanting to pay a separate data stream fee for RTY, TF is the closest thing.

Some of the veterans will say not to use TF in place of RTY, and, for the most part, they are correct. I use it because it’s the closest thing available for Small Cap 2000, and I have had some success with it. You just to observe the lag time problem.

Unfortunately, this conversation may not matter. From what I’ve heard, TF is supposed to shut down in the next 15 to 30 days. Hopefully, that’s incorrect, but not likely.