Scaling in- Do you do it? (Scalps)


Hello again. I wanted to ask your opinion of my trading style. If any of the Elite are able to provide feedback that would be amazing. The synopsis is as follows. I am using.

  1. Sniper setups
  2. The OG order prints with lightning bolts and trapped orders, Blue momentum etc.
  3. The 10 minute magnets as a guide for entry and exit targets.

I am using the 9/17 targets on the ATM if there is heavy volume but have also used 4/8 6/12 on ES. (I really prefer trading NQ)

When I see the OP stacking in my favor, X box, traps, I have been setting a buy stop just on the other side of a level. Many times I see a cluster, heavy volume and it will push. (Dig it). It will hit my trigger to enter and many time immediately pull back. There may be a pause or even a bit of a nail biter as it stretches the rubber band. I used to be concerned about it but lately I have began to add contracts during the pull back as long as the OP isn’t telling me to hit the fire exit. I need to run the number on the success of this but it certainly seems to be working so far. Many times I am putting in a buy stop a few ticks above my -17 stop loss. I have had this work extremely well in the past couple of weeks and many times I am already taking profit on the “scale in” below my entry of the first trigger. If I have already hit the TP on the lower entry (bearing in mind this is a long example) then I have no problem to simply flatten the first one if I see a $90-$150 profit. I have learned to trust the OP story more than anything and feel like it tells me when the train is about to fly off the tracks.

Doesn’t anyone else do this? Have you had success? Am I the last one to know about it?

I am looking for some feedback on this if you care to share your firsthand experience.




I only scaler in on simpliicty when new sniper trades appear.


Thank you Darrel. I will look into simplicity. I watched a couple of videos on it but I am trying to learn one and get good at it to the point I don’t even want another system. The journey for me has gone like this. IZSS, SEES, Sniper. Nice job on the indicators as I have a lot of confidence in them lately. My risk management has been the game changer in general and I hope that will continue to be successful. I have met the profit target for LeeLoo PA and I am waiting for time to tick by.