Setting up Trailing ATM


Ok. I’m not getting how to set up an ATM. Like how do I translate what I’m thinking into an ATM. For example, if I use the standard 21SL 9TP as a starting point, how do I set it to trail 3 ticks behind the 9 tick TP? So it hits the 9 ticks, instead of taking profit, the SL moves to 3 ticks behind the 9 tick. so it would be a 6 tick profit, or a stop trailing 3 ticks behind the price. Not that the numbers really matter, I just don’t see how to translate that thought into an ATM. I’m missing something, just don’t know what. Thanks


Search the Apex Forum for ATM posts. Also, Ninjatrader has postings and videos on how the ATM works. Hit the Help button and do a search on ATM.

Using the settings of SL 21 and TP 9, there isn’t a lot of room for trailing. So, read the info below and plug in whatever numbers you want.

Under ATM Strategy, hit Custom.

Enter the number of trades you want to do, like 2 for NQ/YM or 1 for ES.

Under Stop Loss, enter the number you want, like 21.

Under Profit, enter the maximum profit number you want, like 9 (or enter 0 if you just want to rely on the trailing).

The Stop Strategy on the ATM is where you do your trailing.

Two options where one of both can be used:

Auto Breakeven gives you the option to have a minimum profit. Profit Trigger tells the ATM where the start point is. The Plus tells the ATM the exact point where to move the SL. Using a TP of 9 as an example, enter a number below your total TP, like 8, in the Profit Trigger field. Then enter the actual minimum profit number you want, like 2, in the Plus field. This means when the market gets to 8 ticks, the primary SL of 21 will be moved to 2. The main goal is 9 ticks, but if the market gets to 8 and reverses, it will close out at 2. (Just remember, because the market fluctuates, it’s likely to close at 2 instead of 9. You’ll be protecting yourself from potential losses, but it will take much longer to reach whatever goal you have.)

Under Auto Trail, hit 1Step. Under Profit Trigger, enter a number below the main TP of 9, like 6. Under Stop Loss, enter 3. Under Frequency, enter 1. This means that the SL will trail behind the Profit by 3 ticks for every 1 tick of movement. So, 6-3=3, 7-3=4, 8-3=5, and at 9 the ATM closes the trade.

If you’re using both, make sure they are not conflicting with each other. Using the Auto Trail example above, set the Auto Breakeven at a lower level, like Profit Trigger 5 and Plus 2.

Hope this helps.